Bernie Lawrence-Watkins is an experienced attorney at the prestigious law firm of B. Lawrence Watkins & Associates, PC. She specializes in various areas of law, including Entertainment, Media Technology, Licensing, Copyright, Trademark, Business Transactions, Litigation, and Corporate Formations. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has successfully represented a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry.

Her impressive client roster includes Grammy® Award-winning music producers, artists, and songwriters, many of whom have achieved remarkable sales of over 10 million units. Additionally, she provides legal counsel to major label record executives, Deejays, independent record labels, managers, music and film/television production companies, screenplay writers, and clothing designers.

With over nineteen years of experience, Ms. Lawrence-Watkins has honed her skills in drafting and negotiating complex agreements. She is well-versed in handling various types of contracts, such as licensing agreements, employment contracts, corporate transactions, product endorsement deals, and influencer collaborations. Her exceptional negotiation abilities have resulted in her clients securing millions of dollars in advances and residual income.

Recognized for her expertise, Ms. Lawrence-Watkins is often invited to share her knowledge as a guest lecturer and panelist at esteemed colleges, law schools, and conferences both nationally and internationally. Her insights and contributions to the legal and entertainment communities are highly regarded.