As one of Georgia's top-rated employment lawyers since 2013, Charles M. Dalziel, Jr has built a strong reputation for handling a wide range of employment claims. His work extends to various areas, including non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and trade secrets claims. Dalziel's practice encompasses a diverse range of civil litigation cases. For instance, he has extensive experience in commercial litigation, where he resolves complex contract disputes and insurance coverage cases. Additionally, Dalziel has a proven track record in catastrophic injury litigation, particularly in cases involving truck wrecks. He also specializes in rate cases for regulated businesses, such as insurance companies and telecommunications companies, ensuring fair outcomes for his clients. 

Attorney Dalziel's work also extends to business divorce, trademark fights, Lanham Act controversies, partnership disputes, corporate governance disputes, claims under state Trade Practice Statutes, and even libel and slander litigation. In his new practice, Dalziel is determined to remain at the forefront of restrictive covenant litigation, utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience. Moreover, he is committed to representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases within his expertise, sometimes offering alternative fee arrangements to ensure fairness for his clients, even when billed hourly.