In 2020, Corey followed his long-standing dream to strike out on his own, and thus, he initiated his own firm, Denevan Law Prof. LLC. Towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, Shannon and Meghann came on board, joining with Corey to further strengthen the firm’s capabilities to represent their clients. This collaboration gave birth to Denevan Falon Joyce. Corey, with his unyielding commitment and dedication, continues to concentrate on trust and estate litigation, administration and planning. Additionally, he also focuses on areas such as guardianships, conservatorships, and business litigation.

Born and raised in the heartland of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Corey set out to start his professional journey on the West Coast, specifically in Seattle, Washington. He served as an assistant vice president and trust officer with one of the largest financial institutions in the nation, gaining invaluable experience in the process. This role paved the way for his next career transition to the practice of law at the esteemed firm, Hertog & Coster, PLLC. Here, he honed his skills in estate planning, probate administration, and represented both non-professional fiduciaries and professional fiduciaries like banks, trust companies and guardianship agencies.

Throughout his career, Corey has had the opportunity to litigate numerous cases, taking them through trial and appeal. However, he finds his most rewarding work to be in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Whether serving as a mediator or representing a client in mediation, he values the opportunity to create a forum in which the parties involved can control and shape their own resolution. Corey has personally witnessed how the mediation process can provide a cathartic experience for clients, often resulting in a more favourable outcome than what might be achievable through traditional litigation. Furthermore, he has discovered that arbitration can offer a more expedient, efficient, and cost-effective means of resolving disagreements in a private setting.