Mr. Fabbro possesses an extensive background spanning over 35 years, specializing in various legal areas including personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. In situations where a debilitating injury would usually render individuals incapable of supporting themselves or their families, Mr. Fabbro steps in to provide guidance and assistance. He personally oversees and manages each case, meticulously devising the most effective strategies to ensure maximum benefits for his clients.

Steven A. Fabbro is a seasoned trial attorney, dedicating his career to handling civil cases involving catastrophic injuries that have irreversibly altered lives. Additionally, he advocates for the survivors of those who have tragically lost their lives due to such injuries.

Throughout his career, Mr. Fabbro has consistently achieved outstanding results, boasting an extensive record of substantial verdicts and settlements. Collaborating with highly experienced forensic experts in accident reconstruction, investigation, economics, medicine, mechanics, and rehabilitation, he diligently prepares his clients' cases. This collaborative effort ensures the presentation of compelling evidence and testimony on behalf of his clients, who may have experienced medical malpractice, farm or construction accidents, automobile or drunk driving accidents, or incidents involving defective industrial or farm equipment.